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Action Items:

Due Date

Portal user's field of science.


QMA-226 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Discuss need to get user's field of science captured in the portal.  
Tracking how projects come to ECSS. QMA-227 - Getting issue details... STATUS Figure out a way to track how projects come to ECSS (perhaps get a checkbox in JIRA for how users know of ECSS)Marques Bland 
Staff training opportunities. QMA-228 - Getting issue details... STATUS Discuss staff training (Travel) opportunities and try to standardize an ECSS approach.  

Notes/ Discussion items:

  • PY8 Planning
  • Staff training (Travel) opportunities at ECSS PY8 Planning meeting (Monday at 6pm) 
  • New types of staff expertise
  • 5% exercise
  • Discussion
    • Need to clarify how things are counted. Currently users are counted if they're logging in through the portal. Users do not have to log in to the portal to use their allocations, so these users are not being captured into our metrics. 
    • Suggestion from Lorna: Parallel metric that shows "compute users" for entire project, not just NIP.
    • We would need users to define their field of science in the portal. 
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