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  • Review status of NIP activities
  • Begin a discussion on how to raise the profile of our Domain Champions

Discussion items

5 minutesWelcomeSergiu Sanielevici 
10 minutesECSS/XSEDE Update

Sergiu Sanielevici

December quarterly meeting: Champions climate study indicates a desire to raise awareness of domain champion activities and leverage them better. See next agenda item.

XRAC proposals for April 1 start are now being accepted (deadline: January 15)

20 minutesDomain champions discussionAll

Sergiu Sanielevici and Marisa Brazil have spoken with Hannah Remmert about featuring Domain Champion profiles in "Impact by XSEDE". We have also discussed featuring the Domain Champions program on its own web page in , with DCs contributing short statements of their interests and examples of recent activities.  Davide: Advertise this improved page to the community, repeat at reasonable intervals to inform newly joined Champions and users.

Linda Akli suggested perhaps DCs would be available to participate in Broad Outreach activities (some already have) - could she "shop around" upcoming opportunities? Recruit more DCs? Davide: can students visit e.g. NCAR or other partner sites - perhaps submit a PIF proposal for a pilot?

20 minutesReview NIP activitiesAll

Updates to and 

Work with PIs who develop Research proposals by January 15 and with any who are ready for this and thus should request extension and/or supplements. 

5 minutesWrap-upAllHappy Holidays and all the best in 2019! Next zoom: January 14, 2019

Action items