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  • SC18 recap
    • Multiple events: HPC SYS PROS, SIG HPC Education, Champions Flash talks, OpenHPC, XCRI in IU Booth
    • OpenHPC night out
    • University of Cinncinati 
    • Steve Bird to provide time to XCRI
  • Site visits on horizon
  • Toolkit items for development
    • Slurm partition - Eric will pass info to list for review and comments
  • SP Forum
    • Still working on review of Stampede
    • Changes to RDR in the works to improve user friendliness, reduce duplication, etc - w/ RACD & PSC folks
    • Forum charter potential changes (L2 Allocated -> L1 Allocated) - XSEDE federation will decide
  • Champions Fellows
    • plan catch-up call with Jeremy, Mohammed, Rich to discuss Jetstream implementation and OpenStack
  • Transition Planning Options
  • Quarterly Report is accepted - good work from all!
  • Metric for next quarter is "Relationships w/ others" rather than "Interactions" - allowing us to more easily tie together
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