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Discussion items

5 minutesWelcomeSergiu Sanielevici 
10 minutesL2 updatePhilip Blood

Please send in your reports. They are super valuable for ECSS and XSEDE!

Phil will represent NIP in the XSEDE  booth. XRAC opportunity for April 1 opens on December 1.

We are working on understanding how best to organize our skills training activities. Also increase NIP visibility in XSEDE web presence. Please send us any thoughts you have on these topics. Planning  xsede-all call before 12/31

20 minutesContact updateAll

Please update

We need volunteers for the as yet unclaimed rows.

Paul reported progress on the Nygren project. Data provided, for now, by the KRESS foundation.

Early user access to Bridges-AI Nov. 5 to Dec. 31. Please send email to Sergiu if you have users who do AI/ML/data analytics and who should be invited. Paul R is interested.

20 minutesTraining update 

Please update

adding opportunities you discover and commenting on their effectiveness as you participate in them.

Please take the time to check out the ones that have been identified and comment on their usefulness.

Sudhakar: opportunities for NIP may arise from the URSSI planning grant.

Will stay informed as the planning grant unfolds.

5 minutesWrap-up Next meeting would be on 11/19 - Sergiu plans to be on PTO so it's up to Alan and the team.

Action items