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  • Toolkits
    • Add "gateway in a box" to toolkit (campus gateway or jetstream virtual cluster gateway), provide interface to XSEDE resources (Rich to look for CB use cases for this and next)
    • Stand-up partition on local cluster that will burst to Jetstream virtual cluster (issues with Jetstream billing for suspended instances)
    • Long-term: Minimum Viable Openstack cloud (use case)
  • Site visits
    • Doane - Oct 22nd - add user training meeting at end of week
    • Doug Jennewein still on horizon
  • Outreach
    • poster at XSEDE SC booth?
    • The search for venues continues
    • 2 items in SC workshops
    • possible paper about jetstream virtual clusters
  • Fellows
    • Meeting w/ Mohammed 1st week of October
  • SP Forum



  • Mohammed Tanash
  • Eric Coulter
  • Robert Quick
  • Deb Nigra
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