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Attendees: Deb, Rob, Victor, Mohammed, Eric

Toolkit updates

 updates to VC - more stability in TACC

Site Visits

    Doane discussion coming up this week



   Rob - Letter of collaboration from the SigHPC RCE direction
           SIGHPC-RCE had an SC '18 BoF accepted

  SIGHPC-SYSPros submission is in

  BPHTCE Lightning talk accepted

Other items/Roundtable


  Discussion at XSEDE Quarterly

  Re-grouping the to handle different types more clearly: 4 types of SPs: Level 1 - largely allocated on XSEDE, Level 2 (typically MRI, not fully allocated to XSEDE), Level 2 un allocated, Level 3 smaller, un-allocated.

  3 New SPs: Southern Illinois, San Diego?

  emails out to get data in RDR -
  October is the deadline for SP updates

  Discussion at Quarterly about performance reviews and better specification of our roles

  - more well defined statement of work

  - work towards better onboarding process


  Campus Queue proposal is underway (OAC Core Programs proposal)

  Followup call on CQ proposal this Friday; 1-page ready to send for review to program officer.


  Going to join meetings;

  actual work on Fellows will take place during the next summer

  - online course for XSEDE onboarding?


  sending out links to new Staff guides for review by Rob and Mohammed

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