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  • Review skills development and collaboration/discussion opportunities among ECSS members
  • Review and claim new projects to mentor

Discussion items

5 minWelcomeSergiu SanieleviciAre we open to revisiting the time for this meeting? E.g. Monday 3 pm Eastern?
5 minXSEDE+ECSS UpdateSergiu SanieleviciXSEDE Quarterly Meeting - August 27-29, 2018
25 minSkills development and collaboration among ECSS membersAll

Please see NIP Data Science Learning Resources

Check your institutional subcontract PI or business office for travel fund logistics.

Please join


20 minNew projects to claim as NIP activitiesAll

Please edit referring to for project information, and pick projects you're interested in contacting.  

Sergiu is also asking User Engagement to contact these PIs to find out if they have questions or need assistance.

Also, please review the previously identified projects in JIRA: 

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Current activities: Alan - preparing discussion with campus champions about NIP. Sudhakar - Chen Zhu, Indiana U 
TG-EAR180013 (Earth Sciences) I am interacting with this group at IU,

5 minWrap-up and next meeting

Sergiu Sanielevici

Alan B Craig

Sergiu will be on PTO 8/30 to 9/17 so Alan is in charge of the 9/10 meeting. Suggested topic: assign the new projects to contact based on the above process. And see about establishing the new meeting time and Zoom coordinates.

Action items