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  • Meeting cancelled - Chris forgot the call.



  • Biweekly status meeting

Discussion items

Action Items




 User Survey Interview comments 
  • Julie working on report
  • Probably a session at the quarterly to present report
  • Should get comments for review soon
 Micro Surveys 
  • Craig Stewart's ROI survey still underway
 Feedback ticket statusNicole 
 User ForumsAll
  • 1 in Campus Champions category, Chris worked it
 Contact emailsAll
  • April startups (74) contact emails sent 4/16 - working responses now
    • 10 responses so far
    • 5 actionable items
  • Annual report should have been submitted to NSF on 5/18; only received one question from Towns regarding UE activities in report
  • Next IPR report due in August
  • JIRA entries
    • "Requirement Source" field
      • Use "XUP Feedback" or create "User Engagement Queue" option
 Contact emails to New and Innovative Project PIsRick
  • Sergiu requested help from UE to contact NIP PIs

Improved XSEDE account management



  • UE to lend support to Campus Champions team
  • XRAC: June 3-4, Detroit
    • ~223 proposals submitted as of 4/15
  • XSEDE Quarterly: June 6-7, remote
  • Annual Review at NSF, 6/11- 6/14
    • PY7
    • PY8 plans
    • Dry run on 11th, panel reviews 12-14
 Next Meeting Thursday, 21 June 2018 (quarterly meeting on 6/7)

Action items