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  • Singularity update
    • Tunel provides a way to transfer singularity containers (including globus)
    • Maybe we can help out w/ vsochat's PR for Integration w/ Singularity Registries, since nobody has tested yet:
    • Jetstream may be interested in glomming on to a potential XCSR singularity repository - potential users in the pipeline
  • XSEDE Reporting Year 2 wrap-up
    • Add "partnerships" to the metrics page in confluence
  • Toolkits
    • Virtual cluster stability improvements
    • Plans for more docs for XCBC toolkit, specifically GPU nodes
  • Outreach
    • New confluence page for upcoming and potential venues for outreach opportunities
    • PEARC 18 - planning for our hands-on tutorial -> more content to fill out the full day
      • Elasticity
      • Examples (maybe tap Sudhakar)
      • Continue to follow up as we draw closer
  • Fellows
    • deliverables: 
      • git repo with instructions to set up a comet-like system on your own (using OpenHPC) - Dan needs access to be able to create w/in XCI organization
      • RPM lists with config files
      • "here's how it works, how to test it"
    • Fellows report today - high level overview
  • SP Forum
  • Sites - 
    • SIU GPU install
    • Marshall U updates (slurm & OpenHPC)
    • Repeat customer interest on 3 sites!


  • Resa Reynolds
  • Dan Voss
  • Jeremy Fischer
  • Robert Quick
  • Eric Coulter



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