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-- Gromacs update!


-- Rich NERCOMP Report - 9 attendees, 5 women, 1 TUG - 1 contact received a card and peppered with q's


-- Had conf call w/ Univ nebraska - David Swanson, Josh, Adam Capris(?)

– access to time and hardware in may, can go kick around VC suff on real hardware
-- Just got cometception on comet - but can't launch VMs within the VC
--- one month lead time for the comet VC (doing yubikeys, secure transfers, etc.)
--- Recap - U Nebraska wants to be able to launch VC's with slurm, using save/resume saved state for the whole VC

Craig's Agenda Items:

-- Organizational Update:
--- Ripple effects of Craigs old job being parcelled up among 2 other people
--- -70% + 40% == still more work that can be done in a week.
--- 2 PEARC papers - One about Lessons Learned in Health, One about XCI(?) ROI
--- Eric & Barb report directly to Craig - less overburdened, more focus on XCI stuff.
-- PY8 Planning Doc work
--- made it internally consistent & readable
-- Potential for XCI to offer the Campus Queue software via RACD in the future!


- Resa

-- Updating XNIT Cent7 Packages
-- working w/ me for OpenHPC-aware Packages

- Craig
-- Indiana Ladies Basketball won NIT convincingly and in front of Record Crowd! 
-- Cheered for Villanova for the first time, due to playing Michigan.
- Barb
-- Conference Proposal Work - Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium?
-- Travertine Build this afternoon
- Eric
-- Bentley Update tomorrow - going to focus on XDMoD Install and Slurmdbd transition!
-- SRU collab ongoing; spots in PEARC workshop and SC


Eric Coulter

Dan Voss

Resa Reynolds

Craig Stewart

Barbara Hallock

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