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  • recap of Quarterly Meeting developments
  • XSEDE Secondary Data Products discussion
  • Toolkits
    • work on MATLAB in Jetstream Virtual Clusters
    • how to update Metrics Toolkit
  • Outreach
    • NERCOMP next week
    • Tapia, Hopper, RMACC submissions
    • PEARC paper edits this week - need  to have meeting with Eric, Jodie, Rich
  • Fellows
  • SP Forum Update
    • Working on with action items from the XSEDE Quarterly Meeting

    • SP checklist completed.  All in the green as TACC got their one item updated

    • Have essentially all SPs in RDR; next is getting Information Publishing Framework installed by all and listing at least one service

  • Other agenda items
  • Eric Coulter will run the next XCRI meeting


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