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  • Improve strategies for finding and assisting users from non-traditional communities
  • Report and track work with NIP research groups

Discussion items

5 minWelcome and Agenda AdditionsPhilip Blood

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20 minNIP Strategic PlanPhilip Blood, Sergiu Sanielevici, All

Started page for NaIP Strategic Plan, with link to a Google Doc that captures our previous discussion on our two-part strategic focus:

  1. Increasing number of new users from NIP communities

  2. Harnessing the Data (and AI) Revolution

At the quarterly meeting discussed two proposals for moving forward:

  • Building Staff Development time into ECSS budgeted activities (training, conferences, etc)
  • Putting focused prompts into XSEDE portal pages that invite users to ask questions about ECSS and NIP services. ECSS team members would follow up to answer questions via email or call (whichever is appropriate).


Lisa Lowe: confirmed importance of making time for training activities in new areas like Big Data and AI. This opportunity does not currently exist for contractors.

Alan B Craig: New projects come either from existing XSEDE projects or new users that NIP/ECSS bring in. There are groups that would like to work with NIP/ECSS that don't need XSEDE resources. Can we support projects that don't require XSEDE resources? Alan B Craig: will provide examples of projects that he's aware of that fall in this category.

Emre Brookes: Can someone request just ECSS without XSEDE compute resources?

Roberto Gomez: We'd want them to request a Startup with access to an XSEDE resource to facilitate collaboration



30 minCurrent NIP efforts + HighlightsPhilip Blood, All

Where are your current NIP efforts focused?

Paul Rodriguez: Ying Xie and Mina Ameri, University of Texas at Dallas. Paul is working with this group on benchmarking. (Paul reports he's parallelized their R code and he is testing).

Feng Kevin Chen: Lars Hinrichs, UT Austin: (closing)

Joel Welling: Anela Choy (MBARI): Transferred to NIP from ESRT: (Now owned by Jen Bacall, PSC)
Sergiu Sanielevici was going to make initial contact with this project. Status?: (Roberto: speed up Matlab code performance)
Anirban Jana: Getting in to AI and Big Data
Marcela Madrid: Just attended Women in Data Science Conference at CMU and made several interesting contacts. Increasing outreach at CMU to let more people know about XSEDE/ECSS
Sudhakar Pamidighantam: Contacted a couple of groups from JIRA list. One was already working with Yang Wang at PSC. Sudhakar Pamidighantam will document interactions with these projects in JIRA. Attending SGCI MolSSI workshop and working with users there (chemistry-related gateways).
Lisa Lowe: Taking advantage of XSEDE training. Work together with ECSS staff on a project. Can also help support other user needs.
Emre Brookes: Looking through JIRA list and will tag interesting projects.

Projects we are aware of and helping. Sergiu has a list at the bottom of the main NIP page: WBS 2.2.3 NIP: Novel & Innovative Projects.

Marques Bland now has these projects in JIRA:

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


5 minAOB, next meetingPhilip Blood

Reminder: SGCI can now be allocated through XRAS ECSS (help with User Interface side).

Next meeting: Mar. 26, 2018

Action items

  • All: Fill out ECSS Skills Survey: - we will tell you who has not done so yet.
  • All: Enter Background, Skills, and Interests (particularly: what are you interested in doing in NIP?) into Confluence Profile
  • Philip Blood follow up with Domain Champions on reaching out to communities at conferences
  • All: Identify interesting NIP projects from JIRA list above and mark yourself as "Assigned" if already working with the group or "Watching" if interested in it. Either way, add a comment at the bottom and tag Philip Blood