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  • Chris

  • Bobby

  • Rick
  • Nicole
  • Weddie


  • Biweekly status meeting

Discussion items

Action Items




 User Survey Interview comments 
  • Reminder: 2018 user survey underway
  • Chris reviewed comments
      • Julie provided names and contact info for those willing to speak with us
      • Noted possible users to contact that may be confused about an issue: Rick to contact 7 users
      • Also noted user compliments - Chris will post in a Google doc
      • A couple of fyis to pass on to other XSEDE areas
 Micro Surveys 
  • Craig Stewart's ROI survey underway
  • Rick's suggestions for User Survey may be better suited for a micro survey
 Feedback ticket statusNicole
  • Tickets getting assigned to Weddie
 User ForumsAll
  • None since last meeting
 Contact emailsAll
  • January startups (73) contact emails sent 2/15
    • 10 responses
    • 2 actionable items

Improved XSEDE account management

  • Next announcement to be sent in mid-March before Ken sends out award letters
  • Follow up with a reminder 1 week later


  • JT submitted interim report
    • Next will be a combined interim and annual report
    • Annual report in June?
    • All actionable items in JIRA and up to date? Will use JIRA to generate metrics for annual report.
  • Resource updates
    • Last day of Maverick availability 4/2/2018
    • Last day Stampede1 file systems availability 4/2/2018
  • March XRAC March 4-5 in Tampa, to be followed by quarterly meeting
    • Proposal submission window ended on Monday, 1/15
    • 223 proposals submitted (New, Renewal, and Adaptive)
  • Quarterly meeting in Tampa March 5-7
  • PY8 planning underway
 Next Meeting Thursday, 29 March 2018

Action items