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  • Site visit updates
    • SDSU w/ Doug Jennewein scheduled
    • need to circle back w/ Floyd Fayton
    • end of Jan for next
  • Packages
    • New software?
      • Maybe LAMMPS on OpenHPC?
    • New delivery methods? - leveraging the CSR
    • get some feedback from folks
  • Toolkit development
    • Metrics & Instrumentation toolkit (OpenXDMoD & Ganglia)
    • Containers, help in set-up (it's pretty easy as it is) - Victor will bring this up on Feb 5 SP Forum meeting
      • Rich to draft a question for the agenda
    • Eric will record some updates to existing toolkits
  • SP Forum
    • new forum chair - J Ray Scott, Deputy Shawn Strande
    • Victor - since L3 chair has changed, no activity since.  Rich will bring up with J Ray.  "What's the plan for communication w/ L3 SP's this year?"
    • RDR is done, IPF is next goal in sight (grid ftp endpoints, etc)
    • UREP notes - get a group together that people can join (singularityhub or openstack resources)
  • XSEDE Campus Champion Fellows
    • After cleanup of private rolls, Dan & others from Neb. will have access
    • This will be an ongoing thing, used over time :thumbsup:



  • Resa
  • Deb
  • Victor
  • Eric
  • Dan Voss
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