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 - XCBC GPU Updates

Outreach activities

  • Chair of SigHPC for Resource Constrained Environments - RQ
    • Further Conversation this week
  • SRU Collab
  • Craig working on image build repo with JP?
    • significant changes to XCSR in the works

Fellows Activities

  • The VC Struggle is real
    • 2 months in, they can start getting to the Non-SD VC now
  • ZFS is a significant gain for speed


  • RQ - UNESP Group in Sao Paulo Brazil is implementing the CQ
    • Extant CQ at IU will stay in place; 2 general users - Splinter & Soichi

Any other items

Decline and Fall of Western Civilization - RQ

  • OSG will exist under an NCE as of May 31st?
  • HEP Institute will fund OSG at ~25% funding
  • Req for unsolicited proposal just came out last week
  • ~1 Cal Year of skeleton operations - dissolving the IU team pretty much entirely and redistributing
  • no clear commitment outside of the HEP Institute
  • OSG will continue at a 'best effort' level as much as possible
  • Rob Gardner still has MWTierII + HEP funding; reducing but still extant
    • User support presence is pretty much gone

Craig Updates

  • Campus Queue will be doubled-down upon 


Eric Coulter

Craig Stewart

Rob Quick

Dan Voss


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