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Action Items:

Due Date

Develop Generic Statement for review by the SMT.

Edit the CoC front Matter for circulation with the SMT. When approved can be used on the website, event pages, in presentations, and orientations.

Working Group Members


Get a handle on scope and limitations.Discuss with NCSA/NSF legal and HR what XSEDE is required to do and what is XSEDE allowed to do.John Towns 


Reviewed the working group membership list. During the discussion the need for public relations was raised and Kristin Williamson will join the group to represent ER.

The current draft of the XSEDE CoC is in folder.

Agreed that a single code of conduct would work as long as the procedures by roles are clear. Procedures for staff differ from users, committee participants, and minors. Need to make sure to cover all the various types of scenarios that could occur:

Instead of the PI and Co-PI, a response team or ombudsman team will be created that represents different programs, students, and different organizations so any event can have an ombudsman onsite for verbal reporting. Can they report to any XSEDE staff member? Not recommended due to concerns around confidentiality and ability to be effective without training. A team will also ensure speed of response. Ombudsman should be independent of PIs and Co-PIs.

Training is a requirement for event organizers and ombudsman team members.

The complexity of legal, reporting requirements, et al for a XSEDE is amplified as a collaborative project/virtual organization that encompasses multiple institutions. Which rules will apply? Some staff members and participants may have reporting requirements at their home institution that supersedes. There are Title IX issues.

Having both a form and in-person reporting addresses the different ways people are comfortable communicate uncomfortable information.

Communicating the XSEDE Inclusion Value can be done with a generic statement which can be pulled from draft front matter. As part of student programs, planning committees, and events orientations, the introduction should include the value statement, pointing out the code of conduct, et al. This will help to foster the environment for improved behavior and safe reporting environment.

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