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QMA-206 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Victor, Dan, and others also involved in response
Logistics QMA-207 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  1. Trying to minimize attendees as is a light-weight review
  2. Draft agenda circulated
  3. May or may not have homework
  4. Likely done by mid-morning
Preparation for review QMA-208 - Getting issue details... STATUS Prepare for review

Action Items:

Due Date
Review attendees QMA-209 - Getting issue details... STATUS Notify XSEDE community of review attendeesJohn W. Towns1/5/18
Review preparationsRun-through of presentations during first week of JanuaryRon Payne1/5/18
Identify appropriate forms of identification Work with Al to identify appropriate forms of identification to gain entry into NSF and post to wikiRon Payne1/5/18
Slide updatesROI work for slides needed; Move ROI slide up a bit; Add XCRI to slide 5; Slide 13 Cornell work in progress per Susan ( turning this into online training materials- Jay Alameda also adds that there are the original ECSSers agreeing to help as needed); Geodynamics correction slide 13 per Emre; Add ECSS staff to slide 19; Slide 20 correction to Stampede2 or examples prior to Stampede2. Craig Stewart; Nick Berente; Nancy Wilkins-Diehr; Victor Hazlewood1/5/18
Slide UpdatesShow resource up-take charts; Jetstream had a slow uptake and need to articulate why some systems are more easily or rapidly adopted. Emphasis on new and innovative systems has induced a slower uptake; Integrate into a single deck in the opposite order; Scale of what ECSS can do; it helps, but we cannot fill up a machine. What we do vs. what the proposal said. What percentage of projects should be targeted toward new machines?David Hart; Nancy Wilkins-Diehr1/5/18


Slide UpdatesSlide 6- define PEP; Slide 8- Enterprise services; Articulate value to researcher who is using these services through prior success such as up-time, SSO, and others; Make positive spin on toneGregory Peterson1/5/18



From Jay Alameda to Everyone: 01:50 PM
is there a resource that triggered that question (about slow adoption)? do we have insight on adoption rates for new resources?

John: a lot of people watching XSEDE and Jetstream has had a slower uptake; see next action


Suggestion for a Venn diagram on slide 2, per Adam in chat

other CI collaborators: CERN, NERSC, etc., per Adam

disambiguate audits and assessments of XES, from XCI security reviews, from the broader XSEDE risk assessment, per Adam in chat

XSO should be on the Venn diagram, per Adam in chat

Slide 4 heading: Policies/Project/Initiatives (expansion of policies), per Adam in chat

We were doing Qualys scanning already, but what is different is that we have identified critical XES and are making sure it is scanned. One of the findings from the incident is that The SSO Hub was not scanned, in fact nothing at IU was, per Adam in chat

Differentiate vulnerability scans, etc. that we have been doing with what is new, per John

We also ran IR drills with new tools, much smoother; GPG was getting in the way last year, per Adam in chat

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