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Action Items:




  • Communication/Collaboration: 
    • Focus on ensuring that staff have information they need to get their job done. 
    • Increase efforts to reach out to all L3 areas in CEE and determine needs and impediments to getting the job done. 
  • Equity:
    • Continue exploring how equity can be improved within the organization. couple these activities with additional training to improve cultural competence beyond race/ethnicity and gender to include other disciplines/domains. 
    • Ensure that a sense of belonging happens from the top down throughout the project. 
  • Innovation: 
    • Foster a sense of innovation on the project.


  • 1/3 responded to the survey.
  • L3s would like to know if ECSS differed statistically significantly from XSEDE overall in anything (Lorna responded no differences between 2017 ECSS/XSEDE ratings). Would also like to know differences between years for ECSS - Lorna will look into this, will take longer.
  • Next Step Priorities (From slides):
    • Communication of vision and success: improve staff view that ECSS is working on high impact work
    • Communication about job responsibilities secure home site support as best as possible
    • Continue to improve decision-making communications
    • Continue diversity training - expand to include position within the organization
    • Review management structure, budget and staffing with L3s 
    • Follow up on requested training topics.
    • ECSS change to JIRA/Confluence should power staff to manage their tasks in a  lightweight manner.
  • Consider bringing John T to ECSS all hands January training.
  • Consider encouraging publications from staff that are not currently working on a project. Or encourage sabbaticals with other areas of the project
  • Marlon requested via chat to see L3 area response. Lorna will see if this is possible based on the number of respondents for the area.


  • Dave believes that reaching leadership/managers is difficult for staff and may affect how they view the impact of their work. 
  • Recognizing people for their efforts on XSEDE and relay this information back to local site managers.
    • formalize staff evaluation policies
    • XCI interested in Slack. PMR testing Slack now and will let XCI know more. Champions and Security use slack. 
      • consider having different types of sessions like open Q&A on Slack with leadership. Reddit AMA (Ask me anything) session
      • John also may join L2 calls periodically


  • Would like to see if their responses are statistically significantly different from XSEDE. Would also like to see how they compare to each other over time. - Lorna will follow up.
  • Decision Making: are there differences in L3 areas or across sites? Will discuss with Ops L2/3 managers
  • Support & Belonging: Same as above (more info and need to discuss)
  • Lorna offered to attend L2/3 meetings to discuss results and answer real time questions if helpful for 


  • Actions being taken by RAS
    • Continuing to engage team in bi-weekly, quarterly and annually to address direction and expectations for RAS. 
    • RAS annual planning meeting popular for face to face interaction. Included diversity training session from Lorna this year - will be using knowledge gained (and XSEDE expertise) in preparing XRAC recruiting materials
    • Weekly RAS virtual "happy hour" for team-building. Looking at other methods to recognize team contributions
    • Participating in Developer Coordination Council to improve cross-area decision making and transparency 

Program Office

  • Ron would like more significance testing for PO results.
  • Consider formally supporting the use of alternative communication tools (i.e. Zoom or Webex) that are more compatible with a variety of systems.  note that zoom was used for this meeting.
  • Human Resources/Funding Response
    • Project Improvement Fund: Improvement already being discussed/planned for areas of submission, review, data collection, cycle time, and communication. 
    • XSEDE Finance portal: PY7/8 PIF request(s) will be submitted for improvements identified by user base.
    • Staff evaluations: PgO is offering to lead the exploration and creation of common (i.e. project-wide) staff evaluation options for SMT's consideration.
      • John T. wants a standard way to do this across the project that is light weight and seen as supplementary to local review. Karla offered to provide Ron with historical efforts/conversations around this to avoid duplication.
  • Equity: This will be part of an ongoing effort across all L3 areas. It would be beneficial if activities and training suggests are provided to all L2/3 leaders for consideration. Linda akli volunteered proposing this to the Diversity Forum.









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