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  • 20170830- Status: Management of accounts at allocation renewal
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Action Items:

SummaryDescriptionResponsibleDue Date
Add link to user's public profile on allocation retention page Maytal 
Decline in user counts for calendar year 2018As a result of the clean up of users, we should anticipate a decline in user counts that will need to be addressed in the upcoming reportsMaytal/Dave/Karla 


  • Victor: in this particular case, the person should have never had that account at that time
  • Nancy: what if the PI could get a list and check who to keep from year to year?
  • Default in second column will be to remove the user and the PI will have to mark which ones to retain
  • Automatically goes on any allocation that is about to expire
  • Will solve the staff allocation problem
    • Victor suggests using this as a test case
  • There will be no retain all button
  • Victor suggests you may want to add other information about the user for the retain user page
    • Usage may be a good idea
    • What about last log-in? No
    • Organization maybe department; might be collaborating with someone that adds other students
    • Can link to user public profile
  • Can you link with the allocation request submission as not all projects renew?
  • What about only presenting to people that are submitting renewal?
  • It’s in the award notification to retain/remove users
  • Allocations process is non-deterministic
  • Allocation end dates
    • Training – set end date of training to end with the class
    • Long-lasting allocations
  • Problem that is being solved is the stale/stagnant users
  • If nothing else is done on the retain user page and the XRAS allocation process, the PI might have to do something (co-PIs and resource manager can be removed)
  • Also setting framework for suspending users
  • Should anticipate decline in users through CY2018 as users will be removed/cleaned up
  • Does not change their XUP account; only their allocation


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