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Action Items:

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  • 170+? (?) 2017 user survey respondents indicated they would be willing to participate in a follow up interview
  • Chris: Bobby had about 20 questions then would pick about 8 questions. Asked respondents what did you think about the survey, etc. but the questions evolved over time. Latest set had questions about the new resources like Jetstream. About 5 members of the user engagement team would take a portion of the respondents and ask for a response either through a phone call or email - about 50/50 for either type of response. Responses were posted on the wiki. Rich Raymond would put together a spreadsheet/summary report but not anymore. Now want to know what should we do with this data that would make sense and be useful to the XSEDE team? What format? What should our future activities be - should we change how we do this?
  • Making sure that the activity is meaningful is the main goal
  • Good to have a list of people that we can tap into for focus groups and interviews in the future. We can parse this by subject/topic based on their user survey response.
  • Lorna - keep pool of people to ask them relevant questions during focus groups etc. at PEARC or SC, for example.
  • Good to use these groups as a supplementary data source for micro surveys
  • Actions -
    • send out a call for micro survey topics
    • New resources - Jetstream etc.
    • Reiterate with leadership and project area leads that we have groups of people for feedback from user survey that can provide information on specific topics.
    • Chris and group go through the topics that respondents selected from the user survey. They can suggest topics and questions based on this.
    • Look at the short and long list of interview questions to find any gaps in the user survey from these questions to include them in the instrument.
  • Chris's group is going to look over user survey instrument now to provide feedback well before the next user survey data collection period.
  • Lorna suggested two data collection periods to be done by user engagement team where they conduct focus groups and interviews with survey respondents by topic. Announce regularly at the quarterly when data collection periods are happening so that they can add questions/input.
  • User Survey respondents release their contact information as part of joining the pool.
  • Chris and team will look into allocations related focus groups and interviews for this round. Will follow up with RAS team.
  • User Survey Responses may be a good source for future Use Cases since process has been outlined but recruitment is lacking.
  • Process exists for use cases getting published and future proposals to NSF for some cases that XSEDE doesn't have the resources for.
  • CEE and ECSS are responsible for identifying use cases in XSEDE.
  • Disaggregate MSI and EPSCoR responses for Linda Akli and Dana Brunson. They're interested in the findings regarding this group being more satisfied. May want to look only at their responses to the survey
  • Dana wants to know the size of institution since some of the large HSIs (FIU and UTEP for ex) have unique needs
  • Include in the survey - can you update your survey profile information? Known that user portal users don't update their institutional data.
    • Can we encourage people to do this particularly if they haven't had any activity on the website in a particular amount of time?
  • Need to make sure documentation is not gender specific 


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