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  • 20170829- XSEDE Data Release and Privacy Policy
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Users should provide less sensitive personal data

Need to revise Privacy Policy





Guide users toward providing less sensitive personal data (E.g., work contact info, not home contact info)

To reflect Data Sharing as a part of what XSEDE does, in order to improve the ecosystem and understand its impact.

Action Items:

SummaryDescriptionResponsibleDue Date
Inventory data setsInventory data sets of most likely interest for third-party useDave H., Greg P.11/15/17
Define “anonymization” of user dataClarify acceptable level and consistent approach to “anonymization” of user data; How anonymous is anonymous enough?Adam S., Jim M.12/31/17
Process for sharing confidential data setsDefine process for sharing more confidential data setsLorna R.12/31/17


Revise “XSEDE Privacy and Data Sharing Policy”



First pass at revision to privacy policy into “XSEDE Privacy and Data Sharing Policy” with a greater emphasis on general tendency for data sharing; the current policy is too specific to specific data sets, should be more overarching. Send updates to Greg, Dave, Ron, Lorna, Lizanne


Adam S.

Jim M.



Make Privacy and Data Sharing Policy more visible




Make Privacy and Data Sharing Policy more visible, Make Usage Policy statements consistent with that policy


Maytal D.12/31/17

Follow up with XDMOD/ XMS 

Follow through with XDMOD/ XMS to make sure that they are aware of policy updates and taking steps to be compliant.

Dave H.12/31/17

Notes/ Discussion Items:

  • Update Privacy policy and disseminate to users... possibly via ADP/ what happens to the stuff that existed before the new policy?
  • We are not IRB approval... researcher is responsible for obtaining IRB exemption from their institution
  • make some data sets available and others not
  • NDAs for confidential data (i.e. proposal reviews)
  • Define frameworks in order to easily classify requests that have not been anticipated
  • Publish a catalog of releasable data/ possibly use DOI to help catalog and track
  • User Data can be messy as it is entered by the user
  • PII: staff, users, etc...
  • Understand need for, applicability of IRB review and certification

  • Follow through with XDMOD/ XMS to make sure 


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