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  • 20170524- Presentation of NSF videos with feedback
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Action Items:

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  • Is there a way to put a stronger visual tie to the information in video two in reference to students? 
  • Can we change the thumbnail (in video two)?
  • Towns: LIGO video might be too long for use during review. 
    • Two minutes or less run time to be used in the beginning
  • Towns: Second video might be good during the XCI section and potentially at the beginning of the review (both couldn't be used during the intro)
  • Towns: Use of videos during presentations has to be seamless. It may be difficult for viewers to switch primary attention from presenter to video on the screen, so the presenter has to be certain to make the transition seamless (without saying things like "Now I'll start the video.")
  • Text during Pedro's section talks about savings tens of millions, but doesn't talk about dollars (assuming it's saving tens of millions of dollars) See 1:56 on LIGO video
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