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  • 20170524- Better Integration between XSEDE and SPs
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Action Items:

SummaryDescriptionResponsibleDue Date
SPF members want to know when/if requested services will be available to them. Currently XCI reports on those items which are ready for deployment.XCI will report to SPF on all items in the pipeline.XCIongoing
SPF members would like to have security cooperation such as intrusion detection extended to them. There are some SPF members on the security calls.Security is doing intelligence information gathering, which can be shared. L3s can provide input on what they are experiencing as well as monitoring what is going on. Believe this has been relayed through Adam or Jim already, but it can be repeated.SysOpsongoing
The account creation process for courseware grants is cumbersome. Some classes can have hundreds of students. Creating individual accounts for each student is the preferred way, but can be time consuming and error prone

JRay, Maytal and RAS will work to streamline this process. A bulk upload process already available can be used.

JRay, Maytal, RAS 
User Guides for some resources are out-of-date on the XSEDE web site.The process to provide XSEDE with an updated User Guide can be cumbersome. Maytal and Deb will work together to see how it can be improved.Deb N, Maytal9/30
XSEDE and individual SP ticket systems are not synchronized, which leads to tickets remaining open in the XSEDE system longer than they should.This may a be PSC-specific problem, as their consultants may handle XSEDE-generated tickets in the PSC system. Greg will check the open tickets and ping appropriate SPs to get the tickets closed when ready. This can also be discussed further in the SPF.Greg, Sergiu 


Sergiu reports relevant topics from the May 15 SP Forum Meeting.

  1. SPs are interested in using XSEDE services such as single sign-on.  They have been promised this but are wondering about when it will be available.  JP says that currently XCI only reports to the SP Forum on what is ready to be deployed.  In the future, they can also report on things that are further out.
  2. How can SPF members engage more actively in planning priorities and direction for XSEDE?   If they are also members of a funded XSEDE partner, they can work through that partner.  If they are not, they can bring their concerns to the SPF or share it with another funded partner.
  3. Can security cooperation such as intrusion detection be extended to L3s?  Greg says there are L3s on the security calls. Security group is doing intelligence information gathering, and that can be shared. L3s can provide input on what they are experiencing  as well as monitoring what is going on. Believe L3s may have been notified of this already through Adam or Jim but we can relay the message again.
  4. JRay Scott asks if the process of setting up courseware accounts through XSEDE can be streamlined in some way.  For example, some courses can have hundreds of students and creating each account manually is cumbersome.  Maytal reports that there is a bulk upload process that can help with that.

User Guides

Some User Guides are outdated on the XSEDE website.  This occurs when changes are made frequently to the User Guides and not propagated to XSEDE.  The process of recreating the User Guide from the format at an SP to the format needed by XSEDE can be cumbersome.  Maytal says that in the past users said that they like having the SP User guides on the XSEDE site.  However, XSEDE can link directly to the SP site if necessary. 

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