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  • 20170308- Experiences with Agile and JIRA in RAS
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Action Items:



  • Sprint process focuses on getting tasks all the way to "done" status.
  • Agile is focused on forward progress.
  • Backlog refinement helps prioritize and break apart projects that are too big to do all at once.
  • Assigning the correct number of "points" to a task is still a work in progress (sometimes underestimating size of project and anticipated time to complete).
  • Epics are a JIRA term used for grouping tasks together.
  • Agile/ JIRA training for different groups in XSEDE (smaller groups of attendees will be more efficient).
  • Bugs get prioritized (based on what they are affecting) but they don't get points assigned to them.
  • 80/20 rule regarding time management to make sure you have time to get your technical non-sprint work done.
  • When tasks are finished early then things can be pulled from the backlog.



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