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  • 20170308- Brainstorm: Publications topics about XSEDE by XSEDE
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Expectations of XSEDE Staff

Expectations for publication goals

    • L2s should set publication goals for their areas
    • Should be included in PY7 plans QMA-154 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Action Items:

SummaryDescriptionResponsibleDue Date
Collect pre-existing publications QMA-155 - Getting issue details... STATUS Collect papers already written and build the publication list including TG & XSEDE1. Including, TIS, ECSS, HPCWorld (allocations)  
Include in PY7 planning QMA-156 - Getting issue details... STATUS Annual planning process should include writing publicationsL2/L3s 
Staff reminders QMA-157 - Getting issue details... STATUS Reminders to staff about updating publicationsL2/L3s & PMs 
Check with Community QMA-158 - Getting issue details... STATUS Reach out to other groups in the community to ask what publications they would like to see  
Review XSEDE proposals for ideas QMA-159 - Getting issue details... STATUS Review XSEDE1 & 2 proposal to pull key components in visions.  Consider these for publications  
Setup publication tracking tool QMA-160 - Getting issue details... STATUS Setup tool (spreadsheet, JIRA project, etc.) to collect and track publication ideas, with quarterly reminders Program Office 
SMT topic QMA-161 - Getting issue details... STATUS Add to next SMT call as agenda itemRon P 
 Consider participate/speaking at AAAS, NSF large facilities, and others  


Brainstorming ideas for topics

  • XCI Software Engineering process (XSEDE1 what was learned & XSEDE2)
  • Evaluation
  • RAS (XRAS, AMIE, non-XSEDE integration)
  • XSEDE tech report series
  • Campus Champions program story
  • SPF story
  • Case Study: XSEDE1 (different perspectives organizational, CI, etc.)
  • Case Study: TG
  • Tech report: operational management tools of XSEDE
  • Project Management in large distributive Science Research/CI hybrid project
  • Case Study: allocation process
  • Operations within a distributed project
  • Moving to cloud resources
  • PIF projects could be topics of publications
  • Annual planning high priority items could be topics
  • Researchers/research projects using/associated with XSEDE
  • NIP
  • Collaborative papers, including those studying XSEDE


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