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Action Items:

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Input on user needs and on community developed capabilities for XCI QMA-176 - Getting issue details... STATUS


XCI needs input on user needs and on community developed capabilities that could be integrated into XSEDE from other groups as they are now longer funded to reach out for this information.

The pipeline which provides input to XCI on projects they can undertake to improve XSEDE needs to be researched and perhaps redefined. Undertake this at an L2 meeting.

Projects may come to XCI from activities undertaken in other XSEDE areas, including: operations, ECSS, CEE. These could include things like cloud computing capabilities; a VM library; demographics of gateway users.

XSEDE has the expertise to see trends and identify future needs - but - reviewers want feedback from users on whether XCI products have met users needs. They do not want us to build things that no one has asked for. Perhaps can identify a need and then identify users to query about that need.

Maybe we need to change the question we ask users from "What do you need?" to "What are your biggest challenges that XSEDE could help to resolve?"

Dave L, Kelly G.??



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