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Action Items:



  • Requests have been trending upward
  • Allocations awarded have gone down
  • December of 2011 was the last XRAC meeting where all recommendations were able to be fulfilled.
  • ~20% of requestors who are rejected do not submit future requests. ~20% or requestors who are rejected get rejected again during future requests. 
  • What % get rejected then later get a start up but do not use the allocations awarded to them?
  • December and June XRACs have the most submissions... Possibly coincides with the start of the school year (new projects for new students) and the start of summer (more time for professors to conduct research)
  • ~25% of requests are for material science research
  • Discuss the practice of carrying over unused allocations for renewals. 
  • Identify/ factor in new applications that have not been seen before with respect to new fields of science. The SPs are in part helping to do this already based on their experience trying to accommodate the allocation needs on their systems.


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