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Cross- WBS interaction and prioritization QMA-185 - Getting issue details... STATUS Better overall project planning when activities span WBS areas; SMT meetings a good venue to start this.

Action Items:

SummaryDescriptionResponsibleDue Date
Demographic Data for Rejected Requests QMA-186 - Getting issue details... STATUS Add demographic data regarding rejected allocations requests in the backlog to go through the Agile process for prioritizationAmy Schuele4/30/17
Trend Anaysis at the end of an allocation QMA-187 - Getting issue details... STATUS Look into the “end” of an Allocation and do some trend analysis to see how much is leftover, how many request supplements, etc...Dave Hart4/30/17


  • Resource Selector requirements and improving implementation: Cross- WBS interaction and prioritization needed.
  • Keeping area metric "% of XRAC recommended SUs allocated" as an area metric even though it is not directly in RAS control because it helps describe the allocations environment.
  • Adding a new area metric to track "% of Research requests successful (not rejected)"
  • Adding a new area metric "% of JIRA tasks scheduled for sprints completed"
  • New Risk: XRAC meeting attendance impacted by weather, other travel circumstances, or panel member conflicts.


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