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Action Items:

SummaryDescriptionResponsibleDue Date
Review CEE's mission statement QMA-143 - Getting issue details... STATUS Review and rewrite mission statement with focus on length; ask does the mission statement support the metrics?  
Review metric: “Number of students benefiting from XSEDE resources and services” QMA-144 - Getting issue details... STATUS Is the metric, “Number of students benefiting from XSEDE resources and services", missing a qualifier?  
Review metric: "Percentage of underrepresented students benefitting from XSEDE resources and services” QMA-145 - Getting issue details... STATUS Metric statement needs to be made more clear; more definition added to the definition/collection methodology page  
With UE's metric, change "resolved" to "addressed" QMA-146 - Getting issue details... STATUS Change resolved to addressed in the metric wording  


Slide 2: Mission statement

  • need to edit mission statement to make it shorter

Slide 9-16: Metrics

  • Rudi: compare the mission statement with the metrics; do you have the right tools that measure progress towards the mission statement
  • John: we need to do a better job of saying why we are setting the targets that we are
  • Training – have we looked at our capacity vs looking at historical data
    • for in person, we haven’t looked at it but we have anecdotal evidence that sites are at capacity
    • “Number of students benefiting from XSEDE resources and services” – missing qualifier
    • “Percentage of underrepresented students benefiting from XSEDE resources and services” – missing qualifier; of the new URM users, which ones are users; percentage of students that engage in XSEDE;
      • Ralph: why are we looking at percentages; Why not set it as a raw number?
      • Better to have must meet goal and a stretch goal?
      • What are user requirements? – actionable items/ Maybe instead of requirements “resolved” use the word “addressed”


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