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Expected Attendees


  • Report and track work with NIP research groups
  • Improve strategies for finding users from non-traditional communities

Discussion items

5 minWelcome and Agenda AdditionsPhilip Blood

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5 minFollow up on SGCI discussionPhilip Blood, Sudhakar PamidighantamAny action items or follow up from SGCI discussion?
20 minUpdates on Current NIP effortsPhilip Blood, All

Where are your current NIP efforts focused?

Projects we are aware of and helping. Sergiu has a list at the bottom of the main NIP page: WBS 2.2.3 NIP: Novel & Innovative Projects. Please send me updates via email about new projects or work with ongoing projects.

20 minDiscussion: Increasing number of new users from NIP communitiesPhilip Blood, All

Can we be more proactive in seeking out new users from non-traditional communities? Perhaps by more actively attending and presenting at strategic conferences? Other ideas?

Identifying NIP people who come to XSEDE:

  • Should people be able to request NIP help specifically (or at least self-identify as a project that might need NIP assistance?)
    • Highlight NIP as a new/special resources?
      • Put a one-liner in the high-level title so people know what it is
      • Add some description on the page and allow people to ask for help
    • Can we put something in the critical path that forces people to indicate whether they want NIP help?
      • Alternative if making NIP a requestable resource doesn't work
    • How do we process these requests?
      • NIP does initial orientation and mentoring and then hands off to other ECSS if serious work is needed.

Finding NIP people who don't know about XSEDE:

  • Targeting conferences
    • Who is attending conferences with non-traditional communities
      • Sudhakar: ACS meeting has experimental areas that are not traditional HPC users (cheminformatics)
      • Emre: crytallography, small-angle scattering, ultracentrifugation. A lot of these don't have unmet needs
    • Can we identify meetings where we should go?
      • Work with Domain Champions to get the right conferences and attend and present at those conferences
      • Conferences in a non-traditional domain with something like technology track may be of interest



5 minAOB, next meetingPhilip Blood

Reminder: SGCI can now be allocated through XRAS ECSS (help with User Interface side).

Reminder: By 12/8, please make sure to declare your intentions to contribute to PEARC18 - see

Next meeting: Dec. 18

Action items