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  • Chris

  • Bobby

  • Weddie
  • Rick


  • Biweekly status meeting

Discussion items

Action Items




 User Survey Interview comments 
  • Action items
    • Get user comments (binned) from Julie: Julie has committed to provide comments, will be deidentified
      • Mine comments for possible use cases - all
      • Mine comments for micro survey topics - all
      • Mine comments for interviews - all
    • Check to see if UE needs to be IRB certified to handle the comments - Julie, in progress
    • Get meeting notes from Lorna and distribute - Chris
 Micro Surveys 
  •  Eval team to send email to staff requesting possible topics - in progress, Julie asking Lorna/Lizanne again
 Feedback ticket statusNicole
  • Resource availability?
  • Code performance
 User ForumsAll
  • None since last status meeting
 Contact emailsAll
  • August startup (81) contact emails sent 9/15 - Chris
    • 13 responses, 6 action items so far
  • Next big mail out next week - Chris to set up/distribute email lists

Improved XSEDE account management

  • Action items
    • Nicole will generate email list of "established" PIs, including long-term startups and education projects. - Done
    • Review list - Chris/Nicole
    • Chris will draft email and send to the group for review - Done
    • Chris to send spreadsheets and email document


  • XRAC went well, Chris will provide results when available
 Next Meeting Thursday, 12 October 2017

Action items