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  • Chris

  • Maytal

  • Carrie
  • Amy


  • Finalize tasks, estimate timeline

Discussion items

 Finalize TasksMaytal, Amy
  • Carrie Arnold will be implementing the UII tasks
  • "Verify user button" to appear in XUP on add/remove user page X weeks prior to opening of submission window
  • PI's will be given another opportunity to add/remove users when award notifications are sent out
  • UII and RAS in sync with roles
  • UII needs 4 weeks to implement
  • RAS will require less than 8 weeks
  • Both can begin after the quarterly meeting
  • Parallel session at the quarterly meeting to discuss overall status; Parallel session 7A, Wednesday, 8/30, 9:30 -10:30

Action items

  • Chris Hempel: team to decide on how many weeks prior to opening of submission window "Verify user button" is to appear
  • All will prepare a slide or two for the parallel session at the quarterly
  • Chris Hempel: need SMT approval of plan?