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  • Chris

  • Weddie

  • Rick
  • Nicole


  • Biweekly status meeting

Discussion items

Action Items




 User Survey Interviews 
  • User interviews to begin in June
    • Chris will check with Julie
 Micro SurveysWeddie
  • Status of training survey
    • Training group will conduct interviews - Done
  • Will send email to XSEDE team requesting topics
    • Weddie resent draft to Julie, who forwarded it on to Lizanne for review
    • Julie will ping Lizanne again
    • Chris will check in with Julie again
 Feedback ticket statusNicole
  • GFFS issue - ChrisH to look at ticket and check with Chris Jordan
  • 2 other tickets that have been resolved
 User ForumsAll
  • "General Discussion" Comet running slowly: Mahidhar handled and recommended emailing help@xsede for future issues like this
  • "Resources" Running tensorflow on Bridges: submitted ticket on user's behalf and noted that in my post - tracking ticket
  • "General Discussion" Using persistent communication in FORTRAN MPI, suggested user submit the problem via if he has an account on an XSEDE resource
  • "Resources" User post related to Cloud stacks, sent an fyi to Jeremy Fischer, Niall Gaffney, and Matt Vaughn
 Contact emailsAll
  • June startup (61) and July 1 new/renewal (163) contact emails sent 7/17
  • Quarterly email contact status
    • Chris: 14 responses, about 6 actionable items
    • Weddie: 18 responses, 1 actionable
    • Rick:
    • Nicole: 20 responses, 6 actionable items
    • Bobby: 4 responses, all are action items
  • Will need metrics for Interim Progress Report for May - July; work on report begins in next couple of weeks
  • Seemed to go very well
  • All hands - JohnT reviewed last year's accomplishments and discussed NSF review and PY7
  • Will handle issue I sent
  • TensorFlow issue
  •  supplement request should be submitted


  •  Proposal submission window ended 7/15, 216 submissions, hard deadline 7/22
  • "some" June XRAC results in table below
 Next Meeting Thursday, 3 August 2017









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Bridges Large.

Action items