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  • NSF Panel Review summary
  • Globus toolkit support ending
  • Manager coordination

Discussion items

5minNSF Panel Review summaryGreg
  • Greg went over the panel review document that John circulated

    • Panel was actually quite pleased with Ops overall

    • Panel recommendation was for Cybersecurity to consider the human factor of security issues (social engineering)

    • Jim giving a security talk at PEARC'17. It was suggested that he include a slide or two on phishing, etc.

    • What else can we do on the social engineering front? (training was mentioned)

5minGlobus toolkit support endingGreg
  • Greg briefly discussed the e-mail from JP about toolkit support ending in Jan 2018
  • The consensus is we should have a standalone, 2-day workshop with multiple parties (maybe 50 people) to discuss this and implications/future directions.
  • Consider mult-factor in the future. What infrastructure can we provide? Seeking buy-in from NSF to help with this (IDmgmt, etc).
  • We (XSEDE) could become very visible player driving deployment and other groups adopt. Financial sustainability?
  • Greg suggested having a call with Adam and Jim (maybe in two weeks for Jim's availability or just Adam before) to flesh this out more. He wants to come up with a suggested path forward to drive the workshop rather than just ask everyone "what should we do?"
2minManager coordination 
  • No discussion.
  • Mike and Jim mentioned they would be out on vacation the next week.
  • Greg decided that we would not have an Ops-mgmt call for the next two weeks.

Action items