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  • Annual Review items/feedback to come
  • Toolkit work
    • CDPs for existing capabilities up for review by Lee Liming
    • New toolkit with metrics/monitoring (XDMoD) - will need a CDP
    • Francesco working on transitional documentation for XCBC work, also new authentication pieces
      • Document for authentication perspectives
      • Where to put these docs? Rich will talk to JP and Shava about putting a wiki space in CSR
    • Tracking updates to XNIT packages - Resa's folks will include in monthly report - put in google doc? wiki page? Changelog in CSR is the right thing to do
  • SP integration items - Victor at annual review - updates next time
  • Site visits
    • Wayne State: Rocks -> OHPC conversion, ok to do remote help, will partition and convert pieces of cluster, meeting on July 3rd to sync up
    • Carnegie Institute of Science -> Floyd Feyton is a new admin for a cluster running at Stanford, looking at doing OHPC, will look at our updated docs, face to face at PEARC, site visit in the fall.
  • Outreach items
    • GPN meeting - Barb will give AAR 
    • PEARC tutorial - half-day on building virtual clusters in jetstream
      • Walk through the process that's in Eric's script, then give them the script to leverage
      • Attendees have openAPI understanding
      • Tutorial accounts will have openAPI access
      • virtual image available to users who might not have python/openstack tools
      • Could be running this virtual image out of Jetstream
      • Meeting this time next week to set tutorial points
    • Tapia BOF 21st September - panel planning needs to happen - June 13 for registration



  • Francesco Pontiggia
  • Resa Reynolds
  • Eric Coulter
  • Rich Knepper


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