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  • Chris

  • Weddie

  • Bobby
  • Nicole


  • Bi-weekly status meeting

Discussion items

Action Items




 User Survey Interviews 
  • User interviews to begin in June
 Micro SurveysWeddie
  • Status of training survey
    • 120+ responses as of 5/11
    • Ending today
    • Susan will review results and raw
    • Susan will email all users to increase number
      • Julie sent to random sample of 1,000, skipping staff and those responding to User Survey to avoid wearing folks out
    • Nothing in the pipeline; extending Training survey
  • Will send email to XSEDE team requesting topics
    • Weddie resent draft to Julie, who forwarded it on to Lizanne for review
    • Still no response from Lizanne
    • Chris will ping Julie again
 Feedback ticket statusNicole


  • 2 more in last two weeks
  • Check with ask about access to admin tool for Weddie, Bobby, and Rick
 User ForumsAll
  • Only one entry since last meeting, Allocations Forum, Ken Hackworth responded
  • "User Forum" option now available in "Requirement Source" drop down
 Contact emailsAll
  • No longer getting - Bobby got another status ping, Fatima
  • Next week sending emails to April startup
  • March startups - sent
  • PIs that started/renewed on 4/1 - sent on 4/18
  • Status of mail out to PIs in q2, q3, or q4 of their allocation
    • Chris - 43 responses as of 4/26, 13 actionable items as of 4/26
    • Nicole - 22 responses, couple of actionable items
    • Bobby - 20 responses, 6 actionable items
    • Rick - sent out this morning, 22 responded, maybe 5 actionable items
    • Weddie - 20 responses, 5 actionable items
 PY6 Annual Report 
  • John Towns making final pass
  • Due to NSF on 5/12
 Review at NSF 
  • Review of PY6 Report and PY7 Plan at NSF 6/6-9
 Staff Climate Survey


  • Metric: Percentage of actionable items resolved (actionable items resolved / actionable items)
    • Currently just reporting what happens in each specific quarter
    • Changing to cumulative for each quarter
    • Will use JIRA to pull stats from now on
    • Please make sure all actionable items are entered into JIRA
  • XSEDE allocation management policy change underway
    • Minimize the number of user accounts left active and no longer being used
    • Currently up to PI to manage their accounts
    • Invite Bob and Nicole to meetings
  • Next quarterly meeting on 5/24, review of NSF panel review presentations
 Next Meeting Thursday, 25 May 2017

Action items