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  • Biweekly status meeting

Discussion items

 Action Items



 User Survey InterviewsBobby
  • Chris to discuss summary report with Julie Wernert at quarterly
 Micro SurveysWeddie
  • Status of training survey
  • Will send email to XSEDE team requesting topics
    • Weddie sent draft email to Julie and will send to Chris for review
 Feedback ticket statusNicole
  • None at this time
 JIRA tracking toolChris 
 Contact emailsAll
  • January startups (68), working responses (Chris)
  • February startups will be contacted on 3/15
 PY7 Planning Continues 
  • Activities same as current year
  • FTE staff levels same
  • Metrics same; lowered one target: % actionable items resolved in the reporting period
  • Start thinking about additional activities
    • Monitor forums to ensure issues are addressed
    • Can we help with allocation related tickets (Chris can discuss with KenH)
    • User interviews following micro surveys


  •  XRAC - March 5-6 in Tempe
    • 200 proposals
    • 991M SUs requested
      • Bridges Large: 5.1M
      • Bridges: 82M
      • Comet: 224M
      • XStream: 1.2M
      • Jetstream: 3.8M
      • Stampede: 625M
      • SuperMIC: 35M
  • In-person quarterly - March 6-8
 Next Meeting Thursday, 30 March 2017

Action items