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  • Bi-weekly status meeting

Discussion items

 Action Items



 User Survey InterviewsBobby
  • Finalize interview questions?
    • Start any time, aim to finish up by mid-January
    • Send interview results to Bobby
    • Bobby to locate area on wiki to post results
  • Please review 2017 draft survey and provide feedback by Friday

 Micro SurveysWeddie
  • Documentation survey in progress
 Feedback ticket statusNicole 
 JIRA tracking toolChris
  • "Reporter" field should now work
  • Is "Assignee" working (Assign to me)
  • Any difficulties using?
 Contact emailsAll
  • October startups (101), sending next week (Chris)
  • Still getting responses?
 Interim Progress ReportAll
  • Thanks to all for your input
  • L3 UE input submitted on Friday, 11/4
  • Kelly working on L2 input, due today
  • "Assignee" needs to be populated


  • Monthly CEE all-hands meetings to begin - look for announcement
  • Upcoming XRAC on 12/4-5
    • 273 proposals
    • 1.113B SUs requested
    • Bridges Large: 11.5M
    • Bridges: 54M
    • Comet: 307M
    • XStream: 3.7M
    • Jetstream: 14.7M
    • Wrangler: 245K (node hours)
    • Stampede: 691M
    • Maverick: 581K
    • OSG: 500K
    • SuperMIC: 21.5M

Action items