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  • Biweekly status

Discussion items

 Action Items 


 User Survey InterviewsBobby
  • Discuss user survey interviews with Julie Wernert?
 Micro SurveysWeddie
  • Documentation survey launching next week
 Feedback ticket statusNicole 
 JIRA tracking toolChris
  • Just started reviewing
  • Identified 3-4 fields to add so far
  • Will make sure all get access to review
 Send August Startup contact emailsChris
  • Planning to send today (46 August startups)
  • Able to access Google docs yet?


  • PIs notified of award status on 9/15
  • Worked in July and August under XSEDE 1 supplement
  • Interim Project Reports (IPR) - referred to as quarterly reports in XSEDE 1
  • Next IPR due in November; reporting period will be September and October
  • Following IPR due in February; reporting period of Nov - Jan

Action items