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  • Review progress on action items
  • New user outreach/recruitment
  • Existing user mentoring
  • Domain champion recruitment and support

Discussion items

5 minWelcomeSergiu Sanielevici 
10 minAction item from 9/12: tracking allocation usage by mentored user groups.Sergiu SanieleviciDave Hart (Director, RAS) explains: the data won't be "provided to JIRA," but you can avoid having to do a search each time for a given project.
E.g., let's say you want the link for project TG-MCB140084 (PI: Md Ali). The link is just
20 minNew user outreach/recruitment: methods and resultsAll

Alan: video presentation on Big Data in DH Case Western. Get slides.

Sudhakar, Alan – Erin Hodgess demo: CIPRES, SEAgrid. Text Analytics? Video?

Eric - parallel computing in GIS for curriculum – starts in 2 weeks in his own class at UMN. XSEDE or NCSA Roger (MRI for CyberGIS) for hands-on. Python notebooks on Roger for students to use. Custom cloud for Eric.

Sudhakar – notebook in a development branch of SEAGrid

Phil - ask software developers to include link and explanation to XSEDE resources appropriate for large jobs. Also forums, blogs influential in the field. Domain champions: refer them to Gateways. E.g. metagenomics gateway with NCGAS.

20 minMentoring existing users: methods and resultsAll

Ghaffari – project renewed. No ECSS as of 10/1. Galaxy Main will start sending projects to XSEDE Bridges in addition to Stampede. Usage tracking?

Sudhakar, Marcela: Gotwals educational project using mostly Bridges via SEAgrid.

Alan: Langmead planning for supplement, extension

5 minWrap-upSergiu SanieleviciNext meeting on October 10

Action items

All: Throughout the next 5 years, please report any successes achieved by users you mentor, even if they (no longer, only in part) use XSEDE allocated SPs.

Philip Blood Marcela Madrid reach out to software developers.

Amit Chourasia will discuss progress of SeedMe installation on various SPs via Community Software Area mechanism.

You can see NIP key progress indicators (KPIs) and internal area metrics at WBS 2.2.3 NIP: Novel & Innovative Projects. Each area in XSEDE Staff Wiki should be listing their KPIs and metrics (all ECSS areas do so). We can discuss the NIP metrics at our next meeting.