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  • Operations tickets review

  • Group activity status from each group (what activities are actively being worked currently)

  • Tasks for each group this program year (what is the major tasks for this year)

  • Reporting schedule going forward from the presentation at the quarterly

  • Manager coordination

Discussion items

6 minOperations tickets reviewVictor
  • Discussion of SysOps tickets.  
  • Mike asked about some Confluence tickets related to Wiki access.
    • If new user request for access, it goes to Janet Brown
    • If user has existing account but is having login problems, it goes to SysOps
18 minGroup activity statusVictor
  • Each group covered their current activities
  • Cybersecurity: staff is set, for SPs need a rep from Stanford, SP FAQ for security working group is updated, collecting host keys for specific SP resources to publish, meeting is second and 4th Thursday at 4pm,  IR call 3pm Eastern each Monday,  NIST is holding a security workshop and Greg and Jim are going, cybercorps job fair notice sent out, still working on federated intelligence sharing automated system.

  • Data Transfer Services:  staff is set, weekly meetings Thurs 3:30pm central, team planning on what to do better in XSEDE2.  XSEDEnet map and data transfer map would be useful

  • XOC: XOC staff set at NCSA, transition of tickets queues to XSEDE2 versions, also working on replacing a retired person, meet with the staff 7am and 3pm, coordinating the routing of tickets and updating the routing guide.  Updating the routing guide when the new ticket queues are created and the old ones are retired.

  • SysOps: staff set, meet once a month 3rd Friday of month, 2pm Eastern, looking at confluence and jira, new XSEDE2 RSA rollout, metrics for SSO hub usage and Duo

9 minDiscuss group tasks for PY6Victor
  •  Each group covered their tasks for this program year (what is the major tasks for this year)
  • Cybersecurity: Fed intelligence sharing, security wiki update and eval JIRA and confluence service for this,  audit of XES security
  • Data Transfer Services: automatically detect and report on data transfers, participating more in committees that direct Internet2,
  • SysOps: new XSEDE RSA, Duo licenses, keep services running
  • XOC: queue creation, smash the KPI on , equipment refresh, keeping great service
2 minReportingScott
  • Covered the reporting schedule going forward.
  • Mentioned that a schedule will be posted on the Wiki front page once the schedule is fully developed
  • 1st Interim Progress Report (IPR) is due in November covering Sept and October.
  • L3 content will be due the first week of November
1 minManager coordinationAllNone

Action items