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  • Bi-weekly status

Discussion items

 XRAC SummaryChris
  • Requested: 720M SUs, Awarded: 328M, Available: 175M, Final award: 175.5M
 Feedback ticket statusNicole 
 SP ticket report statusChris
  • Jason Allison (TACC) can now generate reports.
  • Will resume sending quarterly to SPs with allocated resources.
  • Was discussion re this at the SP Forum meeting on 8/25
 User Survey interviewsBobby
  • Lizanne presented survey report at quarterly
  • Follow-up survey discussion to begin
 Micro SurveysWeddie
  • Contact Maytal for any planned surveys
 User contact statusAll
  • Chris
    • Sent: 769, Responses: 87, Actionable items: 21, Resolved: 11
 Metrics section in final reportChris
  • Metrics appendix for August & September
    • Number of PIs contacted - All
    • Number of actionable items entered/tracked - All
    • Number of actionable items resolved - All
    • Number of responses to contact emails - All
    • Number of feedback tickets - Nicole
    • Number of feedback tickets resolved - Nicole
  • Call for information to come next week

Action items