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Eric Coulter, Presiding


XSEDE 16 Recap
XSEDE Champions Fellows work
Campus Queue is up and running
SIGUCCS paper update
Other outreach opportunities
- Aaron mentioned the Cloud in HPC conference
(Jetstream folks are probably going?)
Ideas for future ACI-REF collaborations?
- all three folks attending are going to the ACI-REF residency thing next week?
Eric Coulter
Jack Smith
Aaron Culich
Francesco Pontiggia
(everyone getting back into real-world post conference or vacation)
- working on better integration on campus w/ XSEDE
- cloud in HPC systems conference? (are we going/submitting?)
- interested in jetstream cluster
- - for juptyer notebook hub
jack smith
lot of conflicts on thursdays previously
- this time is better now though
- CC fellow w/ Purdue on HubZero
- jupyter hub at brandeis
- convo w/ rich about cilogon
-- still in the reading/planning phase, naturally
- working w/ other folks on campus to explain DMZ, cilogon, make sure everything is copacetic
- should send out the bridge link in emails!
- seagrid cluster, mailing list, interested folks from conference

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