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  • Scott Wells

  • Jim Marsteller

  • Tabitha Samuel
  • Gary Rogers
  • Tom Hutton
  • Mike Pingleton
  • Victor Hazlewood
  • Adam Slagell


  • Announcements

  • Ticket system items/discussion

o   Ticket queue supporters for each Operations WBS level needs to be sent to Mike Pingleton. Only security has done this so far.

o   Request to prepare the list and send to Mike during the call.  (If you read this before the call, please send to Mike prior to the call.)

o   Double check that everyone has access

  • Manager coordination items

Discussion items

6 minAnnouncementsVictor
  • Discussion that there will be a change in Data Transfer Services deputy to represent the previous XSEDE1 data services components of the group.  Thanks to Tom for his help and role as deputy in the XSEDE networking group in the past.  Also short discussion about XSEDE16 and presentations and BOFs organized and presented by Operations staff.

  • There is a new XSEDE Operations management conference id number. We will start using that next week and the email notices will specify the new number.

  • Reminder for managers to review their Area Metric information in the Google Doc and send Scott an e-mail letting him know their info is complete.
10 minTicket system items/discussionVictor
  • Ticket queue supporters for each Operations WBS level needs to be sent to Mike Pingleton. Only security has done this so far.
  • Send complete list of supporters, the people who should be “watchers” on the list and get the tickets and the default supporter 
8 min

Reminder of new XSEDE2 wiki 



  • Double check that everyone has access.  If you cannot login, send email to Gary with your portal id and your portal profile email address

  • Discussion also was had about needed a private space for Security, Data Transfer Services (Network and DS) and SysOps.  Victor to bring this up on the next SMT call to see if we can have confluence locations that are private.
  • Managers were asked to be cognizant of who they give edit privileges to and that managers bear ultimately responsibility for the content of their pages
5 min

Manager coordination items

  • Adam asked about Internet2’s change notifications.  He and Tim will coordinate.
  • Adam also asked if XSEDE had an EGI MOU. Victor did not think we had a formal MOU.  Victor suggested to see Ron Payne on this.

Action items

  • All Managers - Send Mike Pingleton a complete list of supporters and watchers for their area for RT ticket support
  • All Managers - Check your access to the staff wiki. If you can't log in, send e-mail to Gary Rogers at
  • Victor Hazlewood - Bring up the private wiki space issue on the next SMT call
  • Adam SlagellTim Boerner - Coordinate Internet2's change notification info
  • Adam Slagell - See Ron Payne about formal MOU between XSEDE and EGI